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Message from the vice chairman

DELTA GRAND PHARMA (DGP) – as a new member of Delta Group- is one of the fastest growing Egyptian Companies in the pharmaceutical  industry concerned with the discovery, development and marketing of innovative pharmaceutical products that have a real impact on improving the quality of the products, driven by entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to integrity, quality and deep respect for people’s health and community, guided by our great educational and scientific history of  Delta university for science and technology.

We, in DELTA GRAND PHARMA (DGP), are so keen to take a major part in creating the future of the pharmaceutical market in Egypt, the  neighboring markets and the international markets. Our aim is not to merely add a number of products to the market due to the fact that we are fully aware of the importance of this industry and its direct impact on the citizens’ health, consequently, its impact on the rates of human and economic development, so we concentrate all our efforts to specific
 objectives, namely:
  1. Patients: who come on the top of the list as it is their right to get safe and effective pharmaceutical products from a trustworthy and honest source.
  2. Our employees: who have the right to be working in a good atmosphere, that we work very hard to make it ideal for them.
  3. Customers: as we work hard to enhance confidence and transparency with our customers, hoping that our customers will share our strive towards added values guided by the belief that Customer Satisfaction is our Main goal.